NewImage_EIIS_HeadquartersThe European Institute for international Studies (EIIS) is a center for research and education in international relations: diplomacy, global governance, sustainable development and economic growth. Our mission is to prepare leaders with a positive action to make difference in the building of a better world. The EIIS offers its students an integral education with values and principles that will serve in their professional life, as well as to assume their social responsibilities.

On the other hand, the EIIS has among its objectives to provide academic research and programs to serve key decision makers from the public and private sectors. It also offers an independent forum for dialogue among international organizations, foreign ministries and academic institutions, effectively supporting the development of mutually beneficial solutions for key issues.

EIIS prides itself on being the founding member of the Iber-Euro-America Consortium, a joint initiative in which more than 31 universities and academic institutions from all over Europe and the Americas. The Consortium counts with the support, as members and strategic partners, of the European Union – Latin America and the Caribbean Foundation (EULAC), Iberoamerican General Secretariat (SEGIB) and is a member of the Bi-regional Academic Council of the Permanent Academic Forum European Union- Latin America and the Caribbean.